Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dream a little Dream

Blogging is not as easy as so many people make it seem.

My biggest challenge is where do you start? Well, I guess the beginning would be the smart alec thing to say.

Since this is really just for myself I guess I'll make this short and sweet. I want to event. That is my dream. (Okay, it is just one of my dreams but for the purpose of this blog it is the one I want to write about.)

I got my first real taste of eventing this past summer on a very sweet paint cross named Chief (show name New York Times). I'm not entirely sure when I got hit by the eventing bug. It sort of just snuck up on me. I've been riding for a long time and got my start riding Arabians in Competitive Trail. For several years life, marriage, college, kids, etc got in the way. I still loved horses but they were more of a background thing. I guess in many ways I could blame my sister, Mindee Arnett, for my current obsession. You see her and her husband decided to do something entirely crazy and buy a very large boarding farm a few years ago. The boarding farm ultimately didn't work out for them but during the time they were there I got caught with the horse fever bug again this time in the form of eventing.

Unfortunately life has once again gotten in the way. You see I am married to a military man, basically I am married to the Army and right now the Army says we must live in Okinawa Japan. Yeah, not a lot of horse opportunities on this tiny little island. I have managed to find a little barn where I can at least take riding lessons once a week but compared to what I would like to be doing it isn't much. So while I am stuck here I do a lot of dreaming. I decided to start writing about it because I hope someday in the not so far future I will be able to look back at this and see how far I've come.

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