Friday, January 27, 2012

The Things I Miss

It's raining outside and I'm sitting here wondering if I'll be able to ride tomorrow. Saturdays are my favorite days right now because it is the one day a week I get to ride for one hour. Last summer I was riding anywhere from 3 to 7 days a week. I know I should be thankful for this one day a week I get but sometimes it's tough.

It may seem crazy but I miss the snow. When I really think about it I realize that winter and snow is a big pain in the neck but to me snow is what makes the cold and dark of winter worth it. A few years ago my husband introduced me to downhill skiing and it is such a blast. I've liked snow so much more since then. It does not snow in Okinawa but it does rain frequently.

I miss turning my radio on in the car and flipping through the stations to find something I want to listen to. We have one station here. It's really great as long as you like country and pop and rap and hard rock and pretty much everything in between.

Chipotle! Man, I miss Chipotle. If you've never been to a Chipotle restaurant you are really missing out. Heck, I miss real Mexican food period.

I miss my family. Even when we lived away from home before I could always call my Mom or my sister when I really needed to. With the invention of all this modern technology I can still call home via my magic jack but now everyone is asleep when I'm awake and I'm asleep when they are awake. That makes the distance really sink it's teeth in.

I miss my Expedition. Okay, I don't miss all the gas it guzzled but I miss the room inside. And I really miss going faster than 35 miles per hour and driving on the right side of the road and being able to read road signs! All the things you never think of are suddenly like big holes in my personal galaxy!

My Best Friend

I miss my dog, Sassy. She is my princess and my shadow most of the time. She is 12 years old and not in the best of health and I was too afraid for her to take the plane ride over here so she is staying with my folks. But God I really miss her in some ways more than anything else.

I miss the barn. It's always felt like my personal haven. The ability to just go and get away from my life for a while even if I wasn't riding the smell and the peace always helped me to relax and find myself again.

There are so many things I miss way more than I have listed here and these things aren't in any kind of order. I have approximately 17 weeks until I get to (HOPEFULLY!!) go home for the summer. I will never take living in America for granted again!

(I started this post last night and now the sun is somewhat shining so hopefully I'll get my lesson in after all. That is a very happy thought!) Happy Weekend Everyone!

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