Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's In a Name?

Today I just wanted to jot down a little bit about the meaning behind the name of this blog.

Aside from the obvious reason which would be my desire to learn how to NOT stress out during competition (and any other times for that matter) there is more. You see I don't own a competition horse yet but I do have the PERFECT name for him. I want his competition name to be Keep It Low Key and his barn name to be Loki. I love it because every time I say his name I will be reminding myself to stay low key. Just take it easy and don't stress! The barn name is a little twist on things with Loki being the name of the Norse god of mischief. It's not that I want my next horse to be malicious or even to be (too) mischievous but I do want him to have some personality.

Of course what are the chances that I'll get to use this name? I don't know but that is partly why I am keeping this journal so that someday I can look back and see what I was thinking.

1 comment:

  1. Haha I had been thinking that'd be a good name for a horse lately, too. Not that I'll get another one for at least three years until I get out of school. I like the show name, though, and the play on words for the last name :)