Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where For Art Thou Romeo?

Actually the title for this post should really be "Who For Art Thou Romeo?"

I don't have my competition horse yet but that doesn't keep me from wondering who he will be. (Obviously since I've already named him!) I even have some ideas. My wonderful trainer back in Ohio has a new OTTB right now that she is very excited for me to check out. Right now he goes by the barn name of Monte but hey Monte and Loki that really isn't too different. He might not even notice the change!

The Sweet Monte

Of course I have heard nothing but good things about Monte. L, my trainer really likes him. According to her he naturally wants to carry himself round and he is going to be super easy to jump. And of course I can't help but think that with no white on him at all the name Keep It Low Key will be a perfect fit.

I do have a couple of concerns, though. For one thing he is only 3 or will be 4 by the time I get to meet him. Am I really ready to ride a 4 year old? Even with the help of my trainer? My other concern is that he is probably going to be pretty tall. Maybe as big as 16.1hh. I know for most of my riding friends that would actually be a plus and not a bad thing but I am only 5'0" tall! I tend to prefer horses more in the range of 15-15.2 hands so this will be a stretch for me. But I am most definitely game to try him out. In fact I can hardly wait!

A couple of years ago I made the mistake of buying a horse without the help or advice of a professional. It didn't end well so one thing I know for sure is that my next "Romeo" will have to meet the full approval of my trainer. I rode with L all summer last summer and she knows me pretty well by now. She knows my strengths and weaknesses as a rider and I am confident one way or another she will be able to help me find my new partner.

Oh and in case you were wondering why I always refer to my next horse as he and Romeo it's because I am definitely biased towards geldings. I would prefer a gelding but of course the right horse may actually end up being a mare. I have a good friend who is very biased towards mares and she has been working hard on pointing out all the good things about mares. She may even be making some headway but for now I prefer to think of my next horse as a he. After all, I'm not sure I could name a mare Loki!

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