Saturday, February 4, 2012

Magical Moments

I know if you've ridden for any real length of time you've had one of those magical moments. Moments when the light bulb came on and you "got it" or when you just "clicked" with your horse. I had a magical moment during my lesson today. I got a "perfect" trot to canter transition. I did not lose the contact. I did not stiffen up but followed with my seat. Sky stayed nice and round and forward, coming through and bent around our circle. It was ahh-MA-zing! I was feeling quite euphoric as I left the barn. I don't know when I'll repeat that moment but it will happen and I'm just hoping that feeling can sustain me for the rest of this week until my next lesson.

I don't think I really got it when I was kid. I think I took a lot of these magical moments for granted. When I was younger I just wasn't really interested in the process or how I got there I just wanted to get there. I probably would have viewed this lesson as meaning I'd regressed or something because I haven't jumped in the past two lessons. As an adult (Thank God there are some good things about getting older!) I realize that it isn't a matter of regressing but more of finessing. I'm going back to fill in some of the holes in my equitation education and suddenly I am LOVING the process and the learning. I know there will be more magical moments on my riding journey and I am not going to take any more for granted! :D

By the way, this is Sky. He is being ridden by Japanese Olympic rider, Shigeyuki Hosono who was at the barn a while back to do Japanese instructor certification.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

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