Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Okinawa In Pictures

Okinawa can be very beautiful, fun and sometimes funny. I thought I'd share a little of each.

First the beautiful:

These are from Araha Beach. It is maybe about a mile or less from our house and when the weather is nice sometimes the girls and I walk all the way there and then along the sea wall. 

Safety is a big concern while at the beach:

Right by the beach is this fun park:
This is my kids favorite park to play. The pirate ship is very authentic looking and who wouldn't enjoy sliding along on a zip line?

For some more "fun" I go to my kickboxing class three nights a week. It's located on this street:
This also gives you a good idea of what a typical street looks like
And our favorite local place to eat:
Mike's Tex Mex (The little blue building, not the yellow one.)

Mike's Tex Mex is the only "Mexican" Restaurant we've found out here that is somewhat authentic. Their chips and salsa are really good, unlike the other Mexican places in the area, the salsa does not taste like marinara sauce.

And for the funny:

Unfortunately I don't drink coffee so I've never tried this place to find out if their coffee is truly climactic but every time I pass I do have to giggle a little. It's silly I know but I just can't help myself!

One of these things is not like the other:

And finally:

When I first saw this sign I tried to figure out what it meant and what I came up with is if you are mean to a dog the sea monster will come and get you. My husband pointed out that it probably has something to do with tsunami warnings which isn't that funny but really what would you think this sign mean without any context?

Well, that's it for now. We are hopefully going to be taking a trip to the aquarium next week and maybe a visit to the zoo so I might have more to share later. 

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