Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Being Color Blind

I recently came across some old photos. Two of them really brought back some memories and made me realize something I've always known but sort of kept from myself. I have a serious problem.

This is/was Kharisma. (There's a reason her name isn't spelled with a C. She was seriously not charismatic but instead had the personality of a young boy with ADHD wired on sugar.) And I looooooved her. She was the first lesson "pony" I ever fell in love with. I was the only student who ever wanted to ride her. (I have no idea why.) I remember asking my then instructor to please please please let me buy her but sadly (probably fortunately looking back on it) she was not for sale. 

Can't believe I was allowed to ride without a helmet!! (I do NOT endorse that!)
He seriously was the most gorgeous horse I'd ever laid eyes on!
Flash forward a few years and I guess I'm not too surprised I bought Bugs. I know that serious horsemen and women should be color blind. That is, the last thing to be considered when buying a horse is its color but I guess it is time to admit to myself that when I see a bay with spots (preferably minimal white) I get all gooey inside. I sort of thought all the drama/trauma with Bugs would have cured me of this but then along came Chief the horse I leased who just happened to also be a paint/tb cross. A really really nice paint.

So when perusing the horse ads a while back (something I do pretty often and find that it is seriously addicting!) I came across this:

Flashy & Fun Jumper - Negotiable $2,800

Now I'd like to think that I've learned my lesson. I have told myself over and over I WILL NOT buy another horse without my trainer's full approval but I can't help but wonder if I were in any position to buy a horse right now how tempted would I be to buy this horse? Certainly enough that I'd want to look at him. I'm not stupid! I noticed the rather impressive elevator bit in the one picture and the lack of anything resembling a dressage moment. Not to mention the fact that this guy is advertised as an American Saddlebred/Arabian cross. (Did I mention that Kharisma was also a Saddlebred/Arab cross?) Not really two breeds you here much about in eventing.

But I hear this little voice in my head. "He looks like a cute jumper and he's only 15.3 so not too tall. What could it hurt to just look at him? He's in my price range..."

[SIGH] I guess it is a good thing I'm in no position to buy a horse right now! Don't get me wrong. He could actually be a nice horse I just seriously doubt my power to be objective.

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