Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Product Recommendation

Wow, this week has flown by! I just wanted to mention my favorite pair of riding tights that I found at Equine Affaire a few years ago. I don't know about you but paying $200+ for some of these breeches is just painful and often not in my budget. These pants are generally half the cost but still high quality. The brand is Sticky Seat. These are pull-on breeches that come in a couple of different styles. They are hands down the most comfortable pair of riding tights I own. I've had one pair for at least three years maybe longer and other than a little saddle stain they still look practically new. The "sticky seat" part of them really does help you stick to the saddle but I haven't found it to interfere. The only thing I don't know is how they would do if combined with some kind of sticky spray.

From the website:
This Patent Pending Grip Seat may come in
different shapes or patterns depending on the style
of leggings, breeches, tights or jodhpurs selected
We have tested the pants with the Grip Seat in the
Saddle (and Bareback!) of Dressage, Hunter-Jumper,
Western, English, Pleasure and Casual Riders

The Grip offers just the right amount of "Stick"
without glueing you in and getting you into trouble!

The Grip doesn't impede the wicking or venting properties
of the technical fabrics that we have chosen - so no soggy bottom

For me the biggest factor is fit. Because I am so short I have a horrid time finding breeches that fit properly and these fit me great. So if you are looking for a less expensive alternative for riding breeches I highly recommend these. And yes, I do show in mine.

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  1. Those look interesting... i'll have to check them out :)