Friday, February 24, 2012

Sad News

My lesson was cancelled today when my instructor called to let me know they had to put one of the horses down. This was not a horse that I ever had any direct interaction with as he hasn't been really usable for a while but still it's been a sad day. My trainer sent out this email to the students:

"Bounce had a wonderful life at MHC.  He has been teaching children and adults to ride here for the past 16 years and before that had a dressage career on mainland.  We estimate that Bounce was anywhere from 23 to 26 years old.  I know everyone had wonderful memories of Bounce and many of you had your very first canter strides on him.   He was a wonderful horse that has touched so many hearts."

R.I.P. Bounce:

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  1. Oh man im sorry .. thats hard and I hope that your trainer is doing ok.