Thursday, February 9, 2012

That Horse Gene

Last night we received a package from my mother-in-law. Her love language is gift giving and she loves nothing more than to give my kids gifts. Sometimes this drives me crazy but mostly I'm very appreciative to have such a loving, wonderful mom-in-law.

The Princess and The Horse
My kids love to play dress-up so in this box were a couple of costumes. There of course were the requisite purple and pink princess costumes for the girls but this time there was also a horse costume. I really didn't expect any of my kids to be interested in it but surprisingly they all wanted to try it on. This got me to thinking, so far none of my kids have shown any real interest in horses. Granted they haven't really been excessively exposed to horses so far. This is because of two main reasons. 1. Barn time is MY time. I am very selfish about this I know but when I go to the barn I want to focus on me and not necessarily play herd the children. 2. I've never been entirely sure if I want my kids to be horse crazy. I mean let's face it, horses are expensive, time consuming and entirely inconvenient. I couldn't imagine my life without them but I can't help but wonder how much easier my kids' lives would be if they didn't fall in love with horses. How much easier it would be to have a hobby like art or music or just something that is a) easily transportable and b) has more general acceptance and understanding by the world around us.

My husband says he understands my obsession passion but sometimes I'm not sure I believe him. I don't see how anyone else could understand who hasn't been struck by horse fever. I mean anyone who can look at a horse and not immediately be overcome by it's beauty and power and spirit, well, how could they possibly understand the overwhelming desire to be close to such amazing creatures. Living out here on this rock tropical island is sort of like living under water not knowing when you will have a chance to breath again. Sure there is stuff to do and things to see and I know I am lucky to have this experience but always in the back of my mind (actually usually pretty close to the front) is the thought of horses and riding and when will I be able to ride (my own horse) again. I'm just not always sure that sharing this passion would be a good thing.

On the other hand I can't deny that part of me that gets just a little jealous when the kids want to play video games with Dad. There is part of me that hopes at least one of my kids will share my passion but if they do it won't be because I pushed them into it. BUT, if they do end up loving horses I will certainly make sure they have every opportunity to learn horsemanship and equitation the right way and that is a very fun thought.

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