Saturday, March 3, 2012

Could It Be?

I haven't written anything for the last few days because not a whole lot has been happening. I've been on a riding hiatus due to bad weather and my trainer out for a few days for a wedding. I'll hopefully be riding on Saturday and maybe even on Thursday but until then...

I do have some news (sorta). My hubs and I are working on a plan to get me home sooner than we originally thought. The plan has always been that I would go back to the states for the summer. Summer time is super busy for him and because I have a super understanding and supportive family going home for a couple of months works for us. However, (duh da da duh!) I might be going home in 6 weeks!!! Really it's hard not to start shouting and jumping up and down right now but I'm trying not to get too excited because we don't have all the details worked out yet and things could fall through but still 6 WEEKS!! And of course you know what one of the best things about that is, right?

I could be going to ROLEX

Have I mentioned how excited I am???

I can almost taste the funnel cakes now. And the trade show... I need to start making a list. 

But the best thing about Rolex is sister time. A few years ago my sister and I went to our (or at least mine I think it was hers too) first Rolex together. It was seriously fun and the best sister bonding we'd done to that point. Ever since then we've tried to go together every year. I even flew home from Washington (state) the year before last so I could go. We've gone when I was pregnant and when she was pregnant and we've lugged babies around the entire XC course. Last year was the first time we got to go all by ourselves and we had such a blast! I didn't think it was going to happen this year but now that it might I am literally beside myself (what does that mean exactly?) with excitement. We probably won't be able to go to the show jumping portion this year and we have not yet made it to the Dressage portion because of work schedules but it still beats not going at all! If you've never been it is hard to explain but watching the top horses and riders in our country and others compete on the Kentucky Blue Grass, hearing them thundering past and seeing them fly over obstacles that make your eyes turn into saucers by their hugeness is utterly breathtaking. I mean literally it will take your breath away!

So keep your fingers crossed for me! I can definitely handle living in Okinawa for 6 more weeks if it means being home for the next four months!


  1. woo hoo! hoping it all comes together for you!

  2. I live about two and a half hours from Rolex and yet I've never been! So ashamed. I want to go every year and then I don't have the money or I work or something stupid. :( I hope I make it one day- I hope you make it this year! (ok, so for some reason it won't ever let me post a comment under my wordpress username but this is the girl with Scottie lol)

  3. I've lived about two hours from Rolex my entire life but only went to my first one about five years ago. I've been hooked ever since! You really should try to go just to the XC on Saturday. It is really so much fun!

  4. Hope you get to go!!!! PS - just discovered your blog & it's fantastic! So cool to hear from an eventer in Japan. - Patricia / Horse Junkies United

  5. Wow, HJU commenting on my blog, uh... wow and thanks! (P.S. Lori Miller is my trainer in Ohio and she contributes for HJU from time to time... small world!)