Sunday, March 25, 2012

How Do You Handle Pressure?

He's a Handsome Guy!
Happy Monday Everybody! My family and I had a very busy weekend. Saturday we had an early birthday party for my son who will turn seven in 2 weeks. We had the party early because I am going to be *hopefully* flying back to the states very soon! [insert squeals of excitement here.] Since we are flying space available it might not work out but just in case we wanted to throw the party early.

Sunday was recital day for my two girls. This is my husband's and my first experience with this kind of thing and it was certainly interesting. On the one hand both of my girls are completely adorable (and no I'm not biased at all!) but on the other hand they are both a little bit on the shy side so I wasn't sure how they would handle actually being up on a stage. They both were very excited about it but most of us know how easy it is to be excited about something only to find the reality to be a bit of a kick in the gut. How they both ended up handling it was really quite funny and made me think of how we, as riders, have a tendency to handle the stress of riding in a show where people are watching us and (Ahhhh!) actually judging us.

So how do you handle pressure?

Do you a) go into the fetal position and hope if you just ignore it it will go away?

Or b) Put your game face on?

I have to admit I've done both. But I am getting better about putting my game face on. And you know as a 5 year old it wasn't like my daughter's performance was step perfect (quite the opposite in fact!) but it really struck me how much it doesn't matter that it was perfect. She went out there and did her best and had an absolute blast and really it should be the same for us when we ride whether for a show or just "for fun."

(Oh and I'm not even telling you about their second performance. That was the one where Elaina took it a step further and instead of just sitting on the stage ignoring everybody decided to start kicking her sister in the back of the legs so that she fell... twice! They had to stop the music so I could go get her off the stage. Perhaps the stage is not in her future, lol! Evie handled it like a pro, though, completely ignored her... no tears, no fuss, just "the show must go on!" I was very proud of her.)

I might be scarce for a little while depending on what happens this week and when I actually get to fly. So happy riding and stay safe!

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  1. Love the pics! Sending good luck your way!!!