Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plans and Shuri Castle

Plans have been set in motion. We've found a sitter for my son while I'm gone and the girls and I are on "the list" to fly home. It could be as early as April 1st but there is no way of knowing. In fact we won't know until the day we actually fly. We're flying "Space A" which means space available. It is a military program where we can fly for virtually free but only as there is space for us. It will involve getting up around 4am on the day a flight leaves, going to the airport and then just waiting to find out if we can get on. I'm hoping we don't have to do this very often. If it were just me it wouldn't be so bad but when you have to bring three kids with you it turns into quite the ordeal. Still, I'm so excited at the possibility of getting out of here in just three weeks. Possibly, just three weeks... I have to keep reminding myself... possibly.

Rainy season is on its way to Okinawa, or so I've been told. It rains so much here it is hard to imagine what rainy season will be like. But for now we have had a few really nice days, weather wise. This past weekend we got out and about and went to see Shuri Castle. It's a pretty big tourist attraction out here.

The castle itself is not at all like what we are used to seeing:
No Shoes Please!
I'd love to give you more info on some of these pics but there was very limited English so mostly we just enjoyed the view.
The Throne
The grounds outside the Castle where amazing
I apologize I haven't had any horsey posts in a while. I am supposed to ride this Saturday, (YAY!) and next Saturday they are going to put on a Spring Show at the barn. They have two shows a year. It's pretty much just for the students at the barn and we all share horses but it is something to look forward to and it gives the new riders an idea of what a "real" horse show would be like. The instructors put a whole lot of time and effort into it. They are letting the students do a freestyle dressage class if they want and they've had clinics and extra sessions to help students coordinate their tests with music. I'm just going to do a jump class but it sounds like fun and I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone does. So hopefully something "horsey" soon!


  1. Good for you! Despite the air travel, you're almost there!

  2. When the Sakura Zensen happens you have to post lots of pictures!!! :D Pretty please!