Monday, March 19, 2012

Returning From Geekville

Wow, sorry it's been a while since I've written anything. I have a bit of a confession to make. You see every once in a while I turn into a big video game nerd. Yep, that's right. The past week I've spent just about every waking hour playing a new game, Mass Effect 3.

Oh my gosh it was so awesome! Well, except the end sort of sucked but the other 40+ hours were pretty amazing. Okay, I thoroughly blame my husband for this sad little addiction of mine. I'm not a huge gamer or anything but there are certain games that when I start playing them I just can't stop until they are done and it is definitely the husband's fault! He's the one who introduced me to video games in the first place. True fact: Jay and I are high school sweethearts. Another true fact: Our very first "date" he took me to an arcade so I could watch him play video games. Yeah, it was as fun as it sounds, lol.

But on the flip side he has been to a heck of a lot more horse events and has learned how to handle horses on the ground in almost any situation. He doesn't ride but he has a great pair of eyes and can usually tell me helpful things when he watches me ride. So I guess it is a fair trade off that I sometimes partake in his world of video games.

In other news. I was able to ride on Thursday before the show and I had a much much better lesson. No heels problems so whatever that was about it seems to have been just a freak thing. I was still a little disorganized but overall a huge improvement.

The show was on Saturday and I only rode in one class. Since all of the students have to share the same horses you can only do one jumping class. It's just too much for the horses otherwise. I literally only rode for less than 10 minutes. Get on, go over a little vertical once or twice to warm-up and then go out and ride your course. It was great, though. It was the opposite of my lesson last Saturday. Sky and I just went out and clicked over every single jump. It wasn't a high course, just 2'3" to 2'6" but it was fairly technical. A double combination to a single vertical on a diagonal followed by a bending line to another double combination a fairly tight turn to another vertical and then around the outside to a triple. One thing I am very happy to say is I am no longer having any trouble remembering my courses. I used to freak out at shows afraid that I would forget my course but now it seems really easy.

And the best part: I got first place! My trainer emailed me to let me know that I actually got the highest jumping score of the entire day. So I was pretty happy. :)

My girls displaying my ribbons.


  1. Yah! Congrats on the first. That's awesome!

  2. Congratulations -- sounds like a great ride!

    And you are among friends. :-p Between new dog and new project pony, I am conducting the world's slowest playthrough of ME3...but ticking along!

  3. woo hoo! Congrats! Love that your girls are showing off your ribbons! :)

  4. aw congrats! and your girls are adorable

  5. so cute your blog

  6. Hey! Thanks everybody for all the nice thoughts! :)

    Hannah, good luck with ME3. It is seriously addicting! I'd be very interested to hear what you think of the end.

    Gaia, wow all the way from Italy! Thanks!

  7. I was thinking last night that I feel less invested in ME3 than I did in either of the previous games...and then I found myself hollering, "Nooooooo!" when I thought I'd accidentally sacrificed Grunt to save the Rachni Queen. GUESS NOT A PROBLEM AFTER ALL. Will report back when I'm done (sometime in 2014, at this rate...)

  8. Ha Ha Ha... I did the exact same thing! A couple more tough decisions ahead. Have fun!