Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well... This Is Embarrassing.

T-Day (travel day) dawned yesterday morning (Saturday) and all the bags were packed. After a few normal morning scuffles to get the kids dressed we were ready and out the door. The passenger terminal is pretty close by so after a short drive we arrived and got checked in for a flight. We found out on Thursday evening that there were no less than 5(!) flights to the states. When we checked in we found out that we were FIRST on the list to fly! and between the 5 flights there were (at least) 48 seats available. We were definitely going to get on a plane.

And then something completely unexpected happened... I changed my mind! (ugh!) Okay, it wasn't completely unexpected (to me). I'd been having some jitters over the whole thing for the past couple of days. Basically there are still a couple of family things going on that I thought I was okay about missing but apparently not. So after sitting in the terminal for about 45 minutes we got up and left and went to the girls' final dance recital (the pictures earlier were from their dress rehearsal).

Also, my son is having a bit of a hard time with the idea of the girls and me leaving. He has to stay here with Dad until mid-May and school is out. Being the oldest he has experienced the hardest parts of being a military kid already with the overseas move, moving once a year and a deployment. Believe me being a part of the military really is hard at times and requires a lot of sacrifices no matter how old you are. But, we had a really good talk last night and I think he will be alright when we finally do leave. It will be hard, though, which makes it hard for me to go.

I don't regret not going this time. We had some great times yesterday and as a Mom there are always going to be things that come before my dreams/desires, etc. I'm okay with that. Being a Mom is the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. And being a wife ain't half bad either! Also, being a part of the military can be very rewarding in spite of the sacrifices it requires.

But I have to admit I've already started looking at the flight lists. There is at least one flight leaving this week (so far) that is CONUS bound. I don't know if I'll be on it but I feel comfortable saying I will make it to the states sooner rather than later. I'm seriously ready to ride off into the sunset! ...well, ride off to the xc course at least!

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  1. You are soo brave! Tough decision for all the right reasons!