Saturday, April 7, 2012

As The World Turns

I'm not sure how my life turned into a bit of a soap opera the past couple of weeks but somehow that is how it feels. Long story short; I'm still in Japan. BUT, I'm okay with it. There are a couple of reasons but the main one being that I've finally been honest with myself and realized that it was just too early to leave my husband and son. I do still plan on getting home for the summer but it will just be a little later and it may or may not be in time for Rolex. I've decided I'll deal! And when I do get home I think I'll just surprise you all. No more of this is she going? Is she going? So, sorry for the little merry-go-round lately.

What I've learned: This whole thing has taught me something. Many things actually but one thing in particular. I need to be careful about getting into the "deserve" mentality. We hear it all the time, "you work hard you deserve a break." "You're a stay-at-home mom you deserve to get out." "You made that money you deserve that new car."  The list goes on. This mentality is so prevalent in our society that it is simply the norm. It's like a basic truth of being an American. But do we really deserve anything? Where we are born, who are parents are, what skin our color is, it's all just a crap shoot. We don't have any control over the fact that we were born in America with all of it's many opportunities. The problem with thinking we deserve anything is that it can be very easy to forget to be thankful for the many many many things that we have and God forbid we should not get something that we deserve! Believe me (I  say to myself) you will have a much better, happier outlook on life if you stop thinking about what you deserve and start being grateful for what you have.

To the good news: I have a riding lesson scheduled tomorrow and because it is spring break over here I have three more lessons scheduled throughout the rest of the week. I will finally be able to write something horse related! Yes! Next weekend the barn is also having an Adult Camp and I've decided to go. I'm not sure what all it will entail but I'll fill you in when I find out.

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  1. really good post! :)

    looking forward to your horsey camp posts but understand when life posts come as well! :)