Friday, April 27, 2012

Falling In Love With All the Wrong Horses!

Blogging is much harder when there are so many things going on!

I've been doing all kinds of riding since I've been home. I've ridden Monte three times and I still really like him a lot. He is a 4 year old so plenty of green to go around but his personality can't be beat. He's playful but also super chill and easy going. A great balance for when I get myself all bent out of shape.

I went to get Mr. Monte out of his stall the other morning and he was napping. He was so cute! Of course when I finally asked him to get up he groaned the whole way to his feet. It would be hard for anyone not to like this horse.

Fortunately or unfortunately I rode his half-brother next that day. His half-brother is Frankie and they look very similar, both plain bays and about the same height (although Frankie is a smidge taller I think). Frankie is a year older and he has a little different build with a slightly shorter back, a nice sloping shoulder and a bit more uphill. I hadn't thought much about him until I got in the saddle and said "oh my!" He was AMAZING to ride, very naturally round with no help from me. I really liked him a lot. It wasn't love at first sight but it might have been love at first ride. I was able to walk, trot and canter him as well as take him over a tiny cross rail. He was super nice. A little more of a worrier than Monte but very respectful and willing. The bad news is he is a cribber and he has some rounding in his front ankles. My trainer thinks he will probably be limited to the lower levels of eventing.

That is how things stand for now. No decisions made yet of course. For now I'm just going to enjoy riding as many horses as I can. I really do like Frankie a lot but I would have to have a vet out to look at him and x-ray those ankles to find out what is going on and see what limitations he would put on him. He is perfectly sound right now but a vet might say he shouldn't be jumped at all. It's really too bad because I really liked him a lot but I also really want to event so I don't want to make him do something that could cause him harm.

We went to Rolex yesterday! It was a blast of course and more on that later.

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