Monday, April 23, 2012

Jetlag, Banks and Ditches, Oh My!

The past couple of days have mostly passed in a series of blurs. I got to Ohio on Wednesday night and by Thursday afternoon I had been out to the barn where my instructor/trainer greeted me with lots of enthusiasm. It was certainly nice to feel so welcome!

By Friday evening I had ridden three different horses and gone cross country schooling. First I rode the beautiful Mr. Monte:

Sorry for the bad picture. It was just a cell phone pic from my trainer
I only rode him for about 5-10 minutes. When I got to the barn my trainer was already riding him and she asked me if I wanted to hop on. I watched him go for a bit and then I got on. He is really pretty. Much prettier than any of his pictures show. For a plain bay he really isn't plain at all. I was able to walk, trot and canter him. I was a little nervous about asking for the canter but he was really easy. I was pretty impressed and I can easily tell why my trainer likes him so much. (Oh but he is pretty big. Not as big as Sky but easily around 16.1hh I'd guess.)

After that we loaded up some horses and headed to our local xc schooling place. I took the horse my sister's been riding (Oreo) just to give him a little outing. We didn't actually do a whole lot of jumping but I did work on getting him over some ditches. He has apparently had a ditch phobia for a while so I was pretty excited that I was able to get him over three different ditches without much trouble at all.

When we got back I rode a gray mare that my trainer is fostering for Friends of Ferdinand. Her name is Paris and she has a history of not being treated so well. You have to be a little careful with her on the ground but she seems to really want to please so I think she will eventually get better. I didn't enjoy riding her quite as much. She was the opposite of forward. She was super green but very quiet. Every time I asked for a trot she would start to trot but immediately tip on her forehand which would then tip me forward and then she'd stop. Once I got her going she was pretty nice, though and I even did get a little bit of a canter on her. I think she will eventually make a very nice hunter for an amateur. I guess I'm going to be riding a lot of greenies while I'm home this summer so I'm hopeful that I will learn a lot and improve my riding!

Let's see, then on Sunday we went back to Twin Towers for some more xc schooling. This time I took Monte but for the most part I just walked him (led him) around and let him get used to being in a different environment. He's been one other time before but this time there was a pony club rally going on and my trainer had another horse out that was acting like quite the fool so there was a lot for him to take in. I was pretty impressed by his behavior. He was very looky but for a four year old he was pretty well behaved. I just did some ground work with him trying to get him to concentrate on me instead of what was going on around us. He got it a couple of times. I also led him up and down a small bank and over a couple of ditches. That was pretty much a non-event. It will be very easy to forget that he is only a four year old.

In between all of that I've been trying to get my sleep hours flipped. I hit a wall last night and was asleep by 8pm and didn't get up again until about 6:00 this morning. I'm hoping that is the worst of it. jet lag is a pain!! Oh and holy ice cubes Batman! It's cold here!


  1. Dang girl you didn't waist any time!

    1. Sounds like you're having fun!!!