Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes You Need That Bad Picture (or Video)! (Part 1)

I've gotten to ride three times this week! On Tuesday my very wonderful husband came out to the barn with me (thank you babysitters!) and took some photos and videos. I was so excited to finally get some photographic evidence of how I've improved. (Most of you probably already know where this is going.)

It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. I was going to ride Mr. Sky. I was a little nervous about that only because I hadn't ridden him in a little while but at the same time he is a little more photogenic than Mocha.

Getting him Groomed
Getting Ready to Ride

 We were a little stiff starting out and we never really got connected but we still had a couple of nice moments here and there.

But I was still having trouble with those darn canter transitions. After looking at the photos I can tell why. Can you?

Then we started to jump. The first (very small) jumps felt alright but as we went on I had more and more problems.

 Turned into this:
 which turned into this:
We took a small break to discuss some of my issues:
I would love to say it got better. I thought that it got better. It felt better but this is the best jump photo I got out of the whole day:
I would actually like this photo if my leg hadn't slipped so far back
I did have a good time, though. As I said it was beautiful and it was nice to have my husband with me for a change.

When we got home and I started looking at the photos and videos I really did feel my heart "sink." I'm not even going to share the video but I was really not pleased, not pleased at all. My hands were all over the place and I really looked even worse than I felt. It was very discouraging.

Honestly I didn't even want to ride again the next day. As I drove to the barn it started raining. Would I ride or not? Stay tuned to find out. :)

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  1. Our barn owner is also a professional photographer...I am convinced that when she shoots the spring jump lessons and posts the resulting pics, it is intended to horrify us into shaping up at least as much as to knock the rust off her eye! O.o