Saturday, May 12, 2012

Horse Buying Blues

I've now been home for about 3 1/2 weeks. In some ways it feels like a lot longer. The search for a new horse has been... well it hasn't been much so far. It feels like there were all kinds of horses last year that I would have loved to go see but now I can't really find much of anything. I'm continuing to ride Frankie and Monte at the farm. I've already decided Monte is just too much horse for me right now but I've wavered back and forth over Frankie. I actually enjoy riding him a lot even though he did get pretty strong the one time we went XC schooling. I'm sure we could work through that, though, but my biggest hang up is still his size. I don't feel too small on him in the sense that I can't ride him effectively but I definitely feel self-conscious about how I look on him. Silly, I know, but there ya go.

Lori does have at least two other horses I have yet to try. But as far as going to see anything else... nothing so far. I did really like a mare on dream horse but unfortunately she has less than stellar knees over fences. Her smaller size (15.1) combined with her knees has Lori worried she just wouldn't be very safe cross country. I've said I wouldn't buy a horse without the assistance of my trainer but I was really disappointed about this one. 
Her knees looked a little better in some photos but mostly looked about like this
And of course the hardest thing of all is that big, black hole that is Japan waiting to suck up another 9 months of my life starting the end of August. *sigh* I've been asked if it would be better to wait and buy a horse next summer. If we were better at saving money I'd say yeah, maybe, but unfortunately I think no matter when I buy my next horse it will most likely have to be something green and I'm not sure I want to do the green horse thing two summers in a row. 

But it hasn't been that long so I need to be patient! Surely, I'll find something out there eventually!


  1. decisions!

    will you take the horse with you (to Japan) if you get one this summer?

  2. Is that a representative pic of the mare? Her forearms are pretty level -- she's drapey below, but I wouldn't automatically rule her out without looking based on those knees over that size of fence. I'd be more concerned if she was jumping like a Rolex horse over 2'0"!

    You look size-appropriate on Monte to me, but my guy is 15.2 on a tall day, so maybe my perspective is off. :-p

  3. Unfortunately I won't be able to take the horse to Japan with me and wouldn't even if I could b/c of the lack of veterinary and hoof care over there. My plan was to keep him (or her) in part-time training with my trainer over the winter so that next summer we'd be closer to being ready to go.

    Hannah, I didn't really think her knees looked that horrible either especially considering most of these jumps are pretty small and she's clearing them easily but my trainer was not impressed.

    And 15.2 would be a great size for me (or at least better than 16.1). But it's good to hear someone say I don't look horrible on him, thanks!

    1. You defi don't look small on that horse. :)