Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Horsey Clothes Are Way More Exciting Than New People Clothes!

You know, it is really difficult to take a picture of a horse by yourself even when said horse is standing in cross ties! Basically, the pictures are a little blurry and not that great. Hopefully someday I might get some nice ones of him. But this is it for now. Our new halter:

I've seriously got to do something about that fro disguised as a mane!

Also our new scrim/cooler came in today. It's from Integrity Linens but I found it on a serious discount from ebay. Of course it didn't get here until after I got back from the barn so I didn't get a chance to try it on Loki yet. It's red with black trim and very pretty. I'm super excited!

There won't be anything new coming for a while after that. Geesh, is there some sort of law that says that EVERYTHING related to horses has to be expensive!! Oh well, there are lots of things on my wish list but nothing left that I'm going to need right away.


  1. Aw he's so cute!! I got my new horse too! Finally all moved in and eating up all the attention at his new barn :) And yeah... horse crap... soooo expensive!!

    And that's unfortunate about your trainer's horse- I hope he gets better!! And the heat was horrible- horrible! I got horribly bad sun poisoning with itchy welts all over my body that took a week to go away ha. But it was a lot of fun anyway. Where are you now? I mean where are you keeping your horse? Are you permanently back in the US or do you have to go back to Japan?

  2. Ah he looks so cute in his new halter! :)

  3. Lyndz, My trainer's horse Rio is doing much better and she's actually started riding him again just this week. I don't envy her the vet bill, though!!

    I'm in Ohio for the summer. I do have to go back to the black hole a.k.a. Japan sometime in August until next summer at which time we will be done for good.

    While it does suck to have to leave him for about 9 mos I know he will be in good hands with my trainer and my sister is going to be riding him at least once or twice a week so hopefully by next summer we'll be really ready to start eventing for real.

    Fullers- Thanks!!