Friday, June 22, 2012

From Trail Horse to Show Horse

Just a quick note to say how awesome trail riding was yesterday. We had such a great time and Mr. Loki acted as if he'd been doing this his entire life. He led the entire way as all the other horses had a much smaller walk than his. He looked at a few things but never really hesitated to go forward when I asked. I rode him on the buckle for the entire ride and even took my feet out of the stirrups from time to time to get the blood flowing in my ankles and knees. We passed a parking lot full of school buses and kids running around and people walking dogs and all kinds of things. Nothing phased him. I guess that is the good thing about having a track pony. :D

Tomorrow is the schooling hunter show. I'm going to ride Pony again in the ground poles class. It will be interesting to see how that goes as it will be her first time off property since she came in for training. Loki and I will also start off in the ground poles class. We had some trouble in our jump lesson today but I'm too brain dead to try and write about it. But the result is we are going to start off with ground poles and simply work on being on the aids before, during and after each pole. Turns out horses are much like kids if you don't enforce the rules and expectations from the beginning you will eventually pay for it one way or another. There really IS such a thing as being too nice. We'll also do the cross rail warm-up class and then go from there. It's going to be a very long day tomorrow as I am also going to stay for the later classes to "groom" for my trainer who is riding two horses in the same classes. Here's hoping for some good sleep tonight and nice weather tomorrow!!

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