Monday, June 11, 2012

The Kittens Are Away

Today was the start of summer camp for all three of my kids. That means that for the next two months (give or take) I will have six entire hours free to be at the barn; no worrying about baby sitters required! I know I am very spoiled right now and even though I know the exchange is 9 months in Japan I do still feel a little guilty about it... a little... but still... while the kittens are away Momma Cat is gonna play!!

So of course as Murphy would have it it rained all day today. And just in case that wasn't enough Loki threw a shoe yesterday. The vet was also scheduled to come out to my sister's barn where Ghazal is. All the horses over there and the dogs got their shots. Loki also got a new coggins pulled so that his new name is on it and so that I am listed as his owner. (It's the little things, people!) So no riding for today but the farrier is scheduled to be out tomorrow and hopefully we'll start getting into a summer routine. There is a dressage schooling show this weekend. It's actually on the property so it will be fun without the stress of going someplace new. I can't wait to see how we do!

I did go to the tack store today and scored some Good Rider breeches for 75% off. Not bad!