Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let Me Count The Ways

I love my horse! I keep finding more and more reasons to love him even more than I do. We went xc-schooling again today and I feel like we made huge strides in our training (both his and mine! lol). The biggest improvement was I actually had a relaxed horse for most of the time! This was our third time out and the first time where I was able to get Loki to just stand and relax for several minutes at a time. It was really nice. When we were finished he had half or less of the sweat that he had the first two times we went even though we did a lot more work this time. I was also able to trot and canter him without feeling like we were on the verge of being out of control. He's starting to get it. He's not a race horse anymore and he doesn't have to run the fastest. I could almost hear his brain clicking things into place.

Another huge improvement was straightness. We've (or at least I've) been working on keeping Loki between my aids. I'm getting much quicker to respond to his attempts to pop a shoulder out here or there. In response he is getting much more responsive to my aids especially my legs asking him to stay straight please! The wonderful thing about this is it makes jumping so much easier. We still had a couple of run outs at first (my fault!) but in general once he figured out that the only way he could go was straight ahead he went over everything easy. Of course we aren't doing anything big at this point but we did do a couple of ditches and those haven't been a problem at all. Like I said, the boy is smart!

We finished the day by doing a little bit of dressage work in one of the arenas on the property. Again, I was so very impressed with my horse. I got some really nice, rhythmic trot work and even got several very nice and mostly round circles. My trainer even said he looked much better than he has before. She also said that I was riding better than she'd seen before. Yippee!!

Of course there are still plenty of things to work on. We are really only at the very beginning of our journey together. But today I actually felt like hey I can do this! I'm sure there will be lots of bumps along the road and since I'm not a professional I'm sure we will move along much slower than someone else could possibly do with him but hey we got plenty of time!

My sister came with us and very kindly took some pictures of Loki and me after we finished up. I still don't have any action shots but here ya go:

I know that ideally I would look better on a horse about one hand shorter but I'm already so comfortable on him that I don't feel too small at all when I'm in the saddle.
Do they get any handsomer? I think NOT! :D


  1. Red looks good on him, and you also don't look that short on him. If he's comfortable for you then it shows :) There are plenty of teams I've seen out there, though their heights match, the rider or horse looks so not at ease, the pairing looks unnatural! You look good :)

  2. So cute! And I think you fit him well too!

  3. How tall is he again? The pictures are beautiful though!

  4. He actually sticks at just a bit over 16 hands (with shoes) so not quite as tall as we thought (which is a great thing). I think a lot of it was just me getting used to his size, though. All the horses I've had before him were short, between 14.3 and 15.1.