Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Second Forever Horse

I'm feeling a little sappy tonight, just a fair warning ;)

I had a really great jump lesson yesterday and another great ride today. I feel like Loki and I are definitely starting to understand each other more and more. He is such a good boy! After our ride tonight when we were cooling down I got to thinking how much I love this horse already. We have our first combined test tomorrow and I am a little nervous about it. We are doing really great with small cross rails but anything bigger is still so-so, sometimes great and sometimes not. This is way more me than the horse and I know it is something we will work through just fine in time but tomorrow could end up wonderful or not. (Nothing dangerous or anything, btw, just not always quite in sync.) But then I realized it really doesn't matter so much how tomorrow turns out. I will love my horse no matter what. If we nail it tomorrow that will be wonderful but if we don't it will be perfectly fine, too.

I've realized what was missing with some of the other horses I've had in between Ghazal and Loki. With Ghazal and now with Loki I love being around them no matter what we are doing. If it is just a trail ride or working on the flat or jumping or even if we are just "hanging out" (that usually entails me hand grazing him which I'm sure he probably enjoys the most, lol) it is all time well spent. I don't really feel any pressure to be "doing" anything with Loki. He is just my horse and whether he knows it yet or not I'm his girl. :) 

And now that I think about it I feel pretty dang lucky to have had two wonderful horses be a part of my life. My only real wish at this point is to someday (obviously after Japan) be able to keep both of my horses somewhere where I can spend time with both of them. I know Ghazal is in good hands with my sister but I don't get to see him nearly enough!

So, in case you missed the theme here, I LOVE MY HORSE(s)! :D


  1. That makes it all the sweeter... Lucky Girl!