Saturday, June 2, 2012

R is for Radically Red!

Buying horsey clothes is so much fun!! I got to try our new scrim/cooler on Loki today and it is FABULOUS! I am so pleased with it. I actually got sort of lucky. I had to buy one size bigger than what Loki normally wears because they didn't have his size available. Well, it turns out that the Integrity Linens must run a size small because the scrim actually fits him perfectly. Bonus!!
In case it isn't obvious I really like red!

He's giving me a funny eye here but the color of the scrim is truer in this photo
Eatin' hay in my stall.
I've had some really nice rides the past couple of days on Loki. We are still working on rhythm and keeping our shoulders from popping out and he has really improved and I have some too. We are getting more and more nice moments between our green, inverted, fast moments. I know if I were a better rider he would be progressing very quickly! He is so smart! He is sensitive which can sometimes work against me because I don't always have the best control over all of my body parts (sometimes I am too quick to grab and too slow to let go.) but once he gets something he's got it and he's never been ugly about anything. I don't think I could ask for anything better, really. In a couple of years he is going to be very nice and I'll be able to look back and say we did it together!

In other news I had to take my husband to the airport today. He's on his way back to work and eventually back to Japan. Not to get all mushy but I miss him already. I am so looking forward to when we can both be back in the states for good. I know this summer is going to absolutely fly by and I am going to have a blast but it won't be absolutely perfect since he can't be here with us. (What can I say sometimes I'm a sap!)

We are possibly going to our first schooling show next weekend. We may only go as a non-competitive entry depending on how anxious he gets but it will be good to start exposing him to the show atmosphere.  Have a great weekend!


  1. yay for good rides and great progress!!!

    hopping the time btwn now and when you get to see hubby goes fast!!

  2. His cooler is sexy!! Ha! Good luck at the schooling show!