Saturday, July 28, 2012

Names Again

I had to drop Jay off at the airport. His visit was short but sweet. The kids and I will have a long flight soon, too. I can't help but wish that this part of our lives would be over already. I know I should enjoy all of these moments but... well, anyways we still have a couple more weeks to enjoy.

It's finally started raining on a semi-regular basis. I love the thunderstorms even though I now cringe whenever I hear they are coming, wondering if we'll be without power for a few days again. The grass is starting to look green again and the footing in the grass arena is softening up. I'm hopefully going XC schooling tomorrow and I can't wait. For now the future is very bright.

I'm a little bit worried about Loki's weight. I'm not sure exactly when I first noticed him looking so skinny but all the sudden he does (to me). His coat is still nice and shiny and he doesn't look horrible or anything but I'm not used to seeing ribs so easily. While I love the pictures from the previous post I do think he looks a bit on the skinny side and I'm trying to decide what if anything to do about it.  Lori tends to like her horses to be and look fit so I'm not sure she even sees the need to do anything at this point and I haven't broached the topic with her yet. All of my other horses have been extremely easy keepers and I've always had the opposite problem of trying to keep fat off so I feel a little out of my depth on this one. 

I've also had a change of heart about names. Since we haven't done any rated events yet I have not registered Loki with the USEA. I've been thinking about it for a while now and I think I'm going to keep his show name the same as his Jockey Club name, Too Many Whyz. Basically, I'm just super proud of my ex-race horse. Changing his name sort of feels a little disrespectful to his past. (It does help that I really like his JC name. It's not Joe's Star or something worse.) His barn name will still be Loki and it will still keep the same meaning to me, a reminder to stay calm and low key. But, since I won't be registering him until next spring I suppose I could always change my mind again. Ha!


  1. I feel your pain about names... I had the hardest time picking Henry's!!!

    About the weight thing... maybe it's cause he's getting ridden so much right now? Henry gets ridden 5-6 days a week and hard rides so he gets 5 flakes of hay a day plus Purina Strategy ... seems to work great for him. I am sure that you will find something perfect for Loki :)

  2. I think part of it is I'm not used to seeing these trim thoroughbreds. I am not too horribly worried about it b/c he's getting ready to have about a 6 or 7 month vacation so he should have plenty of time to catch back up, lol.

  3. Totally :) Lucky boy!! I want a vacation! :) haha