Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pictures Finally!

Time does fly when you are having fun! It's super annoying on the one hand because I have all kinds of fun things that I'd love to write about but I've been very busy and when I'm not busy I've been too tired to put any energy into writing.

An example of some of the exciting happenings over the past couple of weeks is Olympian Joe Meyer came to the farm and gave lessons and I got to watch and learn a lot. I also got to watch and take lots of pictures the next day for a XC schooling clinic with Joe. You can read about it here. I learned a lot just by watching and listening. At the time I didn't feel like Loki and I were at a place where it would be worth the money to take a lesson ourselves but if he comes back we will be. Loki's half-brother, Monte was a super star for the clinic. It was so much fun. 

I went as a groom to Champagne Run with my trainer and another barn friend. I learned quite a bit there as well. For one thing I learned how to put studs in and how to take them out. I also got a first hand lesson on why having control of your horse's shoulder is so important. I was watching XC warm-up when a girl lost her horse's shoulder as she was riding towards me. We got a pretty hard rain right before and when the girl pulled on the rein to try and steer her horse ended up slipping out from under her and practically in my lap. It was a little unnerving but everybody turned out alright. Both Rio and Monte finished on their dressage scores. Rio is finally coming back from his choke episode earlier this summer and Monte is proving to be quite the exciting prospect.

Loki and I went to another hunter schooling show and I can't say how proud I am of both of us. We are definitely progressing. We got a 6th and 3rd (out of 10 horses) in our jumping classes. He's finally starting to understand his job and we are definitely starting to form a good partnership. Unfortunately we didn't place in our flat class b/c we blew the right lead. That was my fault because I didn't wait and make sure he was properly set up for the correct lead but I was proud of him anyways. I wasn't sure how he would do in a flat class with so many entries but there was no need to worry. He was very ridable and other than that one blown lead he looked amazing. 

And finally my husband came home for a week. It was a surprise and we didn't tell the kids he was coming. Let me just say that the look on my kids' faces when they saw him was beyond priceless. Another plus to him being home for a week was he came out to the barn to take some pictures for me.

These next pictures are from the combined schooling show earlier this summer.

 I had to add the following picture because it sort of makes me laugh. We had a couple of deer jumps over this course but we haven't had any in a couple of weeks.
 After that last fence I was determined to NOT catch Loki in the mouth:
 Better but still not great:
I can't wait until I can finally get some nice jumping pictures of the two of us but unfortunately that probably won't happen until next summer.


  1. ah how awesome to surprise the kids!! Love it!

    The pictures are amazing! You both look great and man you have meshed to well with each other! :)

  2. You all look so great!! your leg is really looking solid as well! I'm glad he's working out so well for you, he's such a handsome horse!!

    And thanks for the nice compliments- and it is nice on one hand to have a young horse with no baggage, but then I'm constantly scared I'll mess something up and have no one to blame but myself, ha! And yes its always tempting to correct with your hands first instead of your legs when we're really always suppose to be doing the opposite... my old trainer use to say 'well you do everything else with your hands so its just natural' - so much of riding is counter-intuitive to everything else we do!

    good luck with your boy and I hope you get to go to that cross country schooling!