Sunday, August 19, 2012

At A Loss

This is one of the hardest things I've had to post on here. I just learned that my vet, Dr. Steve, passed away this morning from a heart attack. I've been using the same vet for several years now. It's such a wonderful feeling to have a vet that you absolutely trust. A vet that will tell you when to get another opinion and one that will tell you when you are worrying about nothing. He absolutely always had a smile on his face and I can't imagine anyone else coming to give shots or look at my horses. My thoughts and prayers are with his family right now and for our community that lost such a wonderful man. Dr. Steve you will be greatly missed but heaven just got a little brighter I think.

Used from the website of Covenant Animal Clinic. (I will remove if asked.)
I saw this post on Facebook written by Dr. Josh, Dr. Steve's son. His words are so beautiful that I wanted to write them down somewhere. What an amazing legacy to leave behind.

My father, Dr. Steve Miller, passed away yesterday. It was unexpected and happened in one fleeting moment. He had a wonderful weekend doing two of his favorite things, watching his grandchild play football, and singing with the Gloryland singers in his church. He finished singing "I cast my bed upon the water", and came to sit by my mother, as she touched his hand to tell him how well he did...he quietly passed.

I know he was content and happy in his final moments, the lessons he taught me will live with me forever, and will be passed to my son and daughter.

Thank all of you that loved and cared for him out in the barns and fields these last 40 years. He had a touch with horses that will never be duplicated.

I have lost my mentor, my friend, my dad...but what I have gained is a determination to live a life that will find me worthy to be called my father's son.

Dr. Josh Miller