Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keeps Getting Better

I got a very exciting email yesterday evening right before bed. One of the instructors from the barn in Okinawa emailed to say that one of the other instructors had left for the states. She wanted to know if I'd be interested in the open full-time instructor position. I said yes!

At first I was all like this:
And then I felt a little bit like this:
(okay maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration but I really wanted to have an excuse to put Sheldon on my blog. I ❤ The Big Bang Theory)

But seriously, I am super excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Excited because I'm going to have a job... like an actual paying job and it is going to be doing something that I love!!! Nervous because I'm going to have a job, a real job with real responsibilities.

Okay you can laugh at me if you want but it has been over 7 years since I've had a "real" job. Being a mom of three and married to someone in the military makes it very, very hard to have and keep a job. Childcare alone is so expensive as to make most jobs not worth it. But this year all three of my kids will be in school for the first time. I'm still going to have to find a sitter for a few afternoons I think but I'm hoping it will be doable.

I'm also nervous because I'm going to be (attempting) to teach other people how to ride. I mean theoretically I should be fine. I've been riding for well over 20 years and I've spent all summer essentially as a working student to my instructor. But as we all know just because you are good at something doesn't necessarily mean you'll be good at teaching it. Of course then I remind myself that I do have a teaching certificate. I should be able to figure this out.

I'll be doing quite a bit of reading on the subject and trying to come up with some ideas and exercises for potential students. I know I'll be handling mostly beginners to early intermediate riders so it shouldn't be too hard.

Okay, I really am excited!

In other news Loki popped a splint a couple of days ago. He doesn't have any heat in it and he isn't off but I'm giving him a couple days of rest followed by some very light hacking and then we'll re-evaluate when my trainer gets back from her trip.


  1. congrats!! sounds like a perfect job for you!!

  2. Wow, congratulations and good luck!

  3. ah that's exciting!! i hope you enjoy your new job!