Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing With Ponies... Where Dreams Begin

I took the kids out to the barn on Monday. They helped me clean stalls in exchange for pony rides. They actually didn't have to help me clean stalls but they are at that age where helping is still fun. Of course help from a 7, 5 & 3 year old isn't always helpful but I was actually pretty impressed with their determination. They insisted on helping me with every stall.

We finally finished and got Miss Pony out of her paddock. We had a quick lesson on brushing and tacking up and then the pony rides began. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

I wasn't sure that Weston would really be that interested in riding the pony but he asked to ride all three times (I offered to give them each three laps on Pony) and he seemed to genuinely be enjoying himself. I don't think he has the bug, though, I'm pretty sure playing video games and going swimming (for example) would win out over a trip to the barn.

Evie was very excited about riding the pony. She could possibly end up with the horse bug. I'd consider her more on the fence. We'll see...

Judging by the smile she had plastered on her face the entire time I'm pretty sure Elaina is showing early signs of horse addiction.

I think next summer Ghazal will have a job again as a lead line pony. Something else to look forward to!