Friday, August 31, 2012


I have woken up at 2am every day I've been here so far. I'm not sure why it's called jet lag because really on this side it is more like jet forward. I'm wide awake and ready to rock n' roll by 3am when the rest of Okinawa is still mostly asleep. Of course I'm also a zombie by 1900.

Weston started school the day after we got here and Evie and Elaina start next week. I have my first lesson on the following Saturday (the 8th). I'm pretty anxious and excited to get everything rolling. I know the busier I can make my days the faster the time will go.

Back in the states Loki got a visit by the chiropractor. I wish I could have gotten him in sooner but it was just more feasible to wait until the doc was coming to see multiple horses. Lori said that he worked on Loki quite extensively and said he was out in a couple of places. He was glad that Loki was going to have a nice vacation so I guess the timing worked out.

We've gotten the house straightened up (4 months of bachelor living requires quite a bit of cleaning!) and everything unpacked. Jay's already getting called into work on a weekend so I guess things are getting pretty much back to normal. Is 9 months out too early to start the countdown clock?

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  1. aye 3:00 am is early! I am sure that you will get back in your schedule soon :)

    Can't wait to hear how your riding lesson goes!