Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time Flies

Lately I feel like if I blink I might miss a day. There is so much going on. I am still in the states for just a little bit longer but I suspect the next time I write I will be on the other side of the world.

I went to Dr. Miller's viewing and waited in line for 3 hours to pay my respects. They estimate as many as 2,000 people were there. It was truly a testament to such a great man. It was sad of course but also full of love and even joy. Hard to explain but I guess all I can really say is I was deeply touched.

Loki and I have had some good days and some bad days here lately. Somewhere along the way over the past few weeks Loki has learned to occasionally snatch the bit out of my hands and run like a wild man (usually while we are jumping). He never really makes it far, no further than the long side of a dressage arena, but it has been challenging to work through.

Lori and I trailered down to Jump Start on Tuesday and took a lesson with a different trainer. I didn't get tons from it but she did have me shorten my stirrups by two holes. I've known I needed to do this for a while and oh my gosh now I keep asking myself why I waited. It has made a huge difference with our jumping. My legs are so much tighter and that has also helped with him trying to run off after the fences. I'm no longer losing my lower leg and chasing him after the jumps. Hmmm, funny how that works!

 It's hard not to feel a little sad (and stressed!) right now with the end of the summer well and truly here. But I know Loki is going to be in good hands. I definitely know he isn't going to mind the time off and my sister will ride him just enough to remind him that he does have to work for that grain from time to time.

Over in Okinawa they are getting ready to be hit by at least one, possibly two typhoons. I sure hope these typhoons don't decide to stick around. I keep having daymares about getting stuck in the Tokyo airport for days. Ack! I'll be glad when all this is over!

Okinawa is just barely visible in the blue part of the typhoon

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  1. aye hoping the typhoons stay away when you get there and that you have some awesome days with your pony before you go!