Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Clothes

My sister just sent me this picture of Loki modeling his brand new Rambo Supreme sheet!
I'm not sure what his expression says here but if I had to guess it would be something along the lines of "got treats?"
Mindee said that everything fits very well and looks great. The sheet has no fill in it but I have the two liners that attach for when it gets colder. My only disappointment is I won't get to see them in their shiny newness. By the time I see them they will have had a whole winter's worth of wear. But I'm excited none the less.

Things are going pretty well over here. I'm starting to have fun with the whole being an instructor thing. It's such a new perspective. Sure, I've sat and watched lessons plenty of times but this is the first time in a long time that I've watched people ride with the intent of critiquing them and helping them improve. It has been eye opening. The biggest thing I've learned so far is that the absolute most important aspect to improving your riding is simply the desire to work hard for it. I have been amazed at the amount of students who really seem quite content just as they are. I'm also realizing that is okay. They are doing something they love and not everyone has to be so serious about riding.

Prince has improved quite a bit. He is now able to eat hay and has started picking the weight that he lost back up. Unfortunately he is still blind. Every day that his sight doesn't improve seems to make it more likely that he will not regain his vision. But we remain hopeful none the less.

We might be getting two new horses sometime in October from what I understand. We could definitely use some new horses to help take the pressure off some of the other lesson horses. Some of these guys work harder than the proverbial ant by about a million times.

I have to say so far this time in Japan is going way better than last time. I have kept up with my goal of maintaining a good attitude no matter what and it is amazing how much that has helped. There are still moments when I find myself getting upset about certain things that I have no ability to change or control but so far I have been able to control my thoughts and turn them on something positive instead of negative.

So stay on the Sunny Side wherever you are!


  1. Totally agree with the you only get better if you want to work hard ...

    Loki looks so cute in his new clothes!! :)

  2. you can take some of wiz's weight!! he's just out on pasture 24/7 no additional grain but we had a bunch of rain and suddenly all the grass came back! a little too much... then all the ponies got a little tummy. scotty had a little tummy when we went to the AECs too!

    do you like the rambo sheet? I feel like I should get wiz a rain sheet since we're already getting chilly here and we get some cold rain. I know in the wild they just go without these things.... but still, I feel like it'd make him happier haha. I have a medium weight but I don't want to put that on until its consistently cold- no one can really take his blanket on/off every day even though its getting pretty cold here at night! but its still 70s during the day.

    Loki is so pretty :)

    1. Well since I haven't really seen the sheet in person I can't say 100% that I love it but my sister says it fits him great and looks very nice and of course Rambo has an excellent reputation so I'm pretty sure I'll like the sheet just fine. It was expensive. I paid $299 for it but the liners were $55 and $65 so it is like getting three blankets for about $400 so not too shabby.

      I know that often we blanket more b/c it makes us feel better than because our horses actually need it. The biggest thing to worry about is you don't want them sweating under a blanket b/c that will make them very uncomfortable and eventually very cold if the temperature drops and they are still wet. Better to blanket a little than a lot in most circumstances.

      And thanks! I'm completely biased of course but I think Mr. Loki is quite handsome too! ;)