Thursday, September 27, 2012

Somebody Poisoned The Water Hole!

Yeah, that was me... OOPS! I learned today that there are two different water sources at the barn. One comes from the city and one comes from the river close by. The river water is apparently non-potable and can only be used for bathing. Long story short, One of the Japanese barn workers was cleaning a stall with a hose... I thought he was filling water buckets so when I thought I saw the water overflowing I thought I'd be helpful and start filling the water bucket in the next stall. Luckily I only got to one bucket before I was told about the water situation. That was only one bucket that had to be dumped and refilled. At least water from the river is free!

Other than that little incident things at the barn are going pretty well. The barn owner has complimented me twice now saying that I am a good teacher. He's only seen me teach a couple of times and it seems to always be with the more advanced students who are already pretty good riders in their own right so I don't take any ownership for their abilities but still the sentiment is very nice. I'm starting to really appreciate how polite and gracious the Japanese are. Good manners beats simply (rudely) speaking your mind (no matter how true your statement might be) any time in my opinion. (Now, I just need to remember to practice what I preach!)

And guess what... we have yet ANOTHER typhoon on the way. Typhoon Jelawat is scheduled to hit sometime Saturday afternoon. However, you can see from the picture below that it has to make practically a 90˚ turn to hit Okinawa which somehow they are predicting it will do. How do they predict these things??? Who knew weather could be so exciting. Anyways, I'm holding out hope that maybe they are wrong but if not it looks like no lessons again this Saturday. Apparently Okinawa is a big typhoon bullseye this typhoon season. On the plus side this typhoon doesn't appear to be packing nearly the punch as the last one so hopefully that just means a weekend of family fun and togetherness. :)

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