Thursday, September 13, 2012

To Supplement or Not To Supplement

You know it is kind of hard to get my mind wrapped around the fact that on the other side of the world winter is right around the corner. There haven't been many signs of it here so far that is for sure. But when I check the weather for my little area in Ohio I saw temps that were dipping down into the 50s in the evenings. Still not cold but I realized Mr. Loki still does not have a sheet or blanket to his name. So I finally ordered A Rambo Supreme. It is the lightweight and I bought the 100 and 300 gram liners to go with it. If it looks to be a really cold winter I'll probably go ahead and get the 400 gram liner a little later.

I'm also looking into supplements. I really love Smartpak but every time I am on that website I am stricken with a huge urge to spend lots and lots more money on my horse per month. Have you tried the supplement wizard? I just tried it. It is pretty cool. But, on the downside it can make you feel like a horrible horse mom if you look at the bottom line for their suggestion on "comprehensive support" and realize you just can't afford another $100+ a month right now.

As well I'm not sure how many of these supplements are truly necessary and how much is just going in one end and getting flushed out the other!

But I really do need to get Loki on some sort of weight gaining supplement. He's definitely turning out to be a hard keeper and with the drought this past summer he's just not going to have access to as much hay as I'd like. I've been looking at Cool Calories 100 and Gleam and Gain as well as Smart Gain. My trainer recommended something called Glanzen but it really isn't a weight gaining supplement so I'm not 100% sure why. It feels like such a tough decision! How do you know what is really going to work without trying it? How long do you try it before you move on to the next one? Have any of you ever used a weight gaining supplement of any kind? What about Smartpak's Smart Digest and Smart Gut? I've heard that they can also help with weight gain by simply making the digestive system more effective. Truth?

I guess I will have to find out. I'll let you know if I learn anything. Meanwhile we have a "super typhoon" on the way to the island. It's scheduled to hit sometime Sunday. This will be my first Typhoon over here so it should be interesting. I just hope the power stays on!! (Even as I'm writing this it feels like the wind is getting stronger outside, ha!)

We are on the little island right by where it is says 3 AM Sun


  1. I know what you mean about that wizard, makes me want to shove 100lbs worth of supplements in Carlos! My horse is on SmartCombo, SmartOmega and Electrolytes. Previously he was on SmartHoof Ultra but since he's getting older I wanted him on a Joint Supplement and the Combo was the best way to go with the added Digestion supp and Coat supp, the SmartOmega I had a coupon for and I know how well Omega's work in our life so I thought super supplementing him would be a good idea. Electrolytes because our weather is whack and he coliced last year due to weather changes.

  2. Henry also get the SmartCombo and Electrolytes... he also gets his normal 4 flakes of hay from the barn and then I add another flake or two and 4-5 quarts of feed (Strategy).

    Is there any way that you get get more feed into Loki? Just a thought :) Maybe with a weight supplement and more feed you will not have to dive too deep into the smartpak debt lol! Btw I LOVE smartpak :)

  3. I think we over supplement AND are not doing a good job to see if there are any counter indications or whether we are over or under doing some thing. The Wizard is designed to put you in the very place you describe. Best thing you can do is to add fat and fiber for weight gain. Good for skin an belly.

    Sugar's total diet is beet pulp, platinum performance, coca soya oil, and vit e and selenium. I actually had her tested to be sure she needed the E and Selenium and found her very deficient. So she gets more than an average horse.