Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Working Girl

First of all I just want to say thanks to everybody who responded to my last blog about supplements. I've decided to just go with Smartgain for now. (I know it wasn't even on my original list!) Getting weight on Loki is my immediate concern and I needed something that could be fed easily and shipped to my barn since I won't be around to do things myself. I don't have a new vet yet and I do feel like adding a bunch of supplements is something that should be discussed with a vet at the very least.

Here's hoping Mr. Loki will be Mr. Fat and Shiny when I get home! (Okay, I don't really want him to be fat... just fatter than he is right now.

Loki from earlier in the Spring. I'd like to get his weight back to this at least.
Typhoon Sanba was mostly uneventful for us. A good push for family time as we were stuck in the apartment pretty much all weekend. The barn was closed on Saturday and Sunday so no lessons but other than a few trees down here and there and a few busted windows here and there I haven't seen too much damage. I did hear that the damage was a little more extensive up north, though. Our power stayed on so I was a happy camper.

I had my first weekday lesson today. I almost felt like a "real" working Mom this morning as I was rushing around to get all three kids out the door and to school so I could get to the barn in time for my lesson. I know a lot of working Mom's out there will want to slap me for this but it was actually kind of fun.

The lesson (only one today) went really well. I was a little intimidated because this particular "student" is probably right around the same level of riding as I am. I was just up front with her, though and told her that I'm not going to be some super trainer or anything. I think we actually had a pretty good time and she had a really nice lesson and it didn't feel weird at all after we got going.

And if you haven't looked at a calendar lately then you might be surprised to know that September is already halfway gone! This makes me very happy because it means that time is ticking along nicely and before we know it we'll be heading back to the states where a big part of my heart is waiting for me!


  1. One of my friends is stationed in Okinawa and interested in lessons so I sent her a link to your blog and told her to head on over!

  2. Yep, that's me! Due to some surgery it will be spring before I'm able to ride again. :(

    1. Hi Kristy,

      Here is the website for Mihara in case you haven't found it, yet: http://miharahorse.com/english.html

      Contact information for Eve and Karin are on the bottom of the page. I know they have a waiting list right now b/c we are short on both instructors and horses so if you are interested I would go ahead and contact Eve and get on the waiting list so you will be ready to start in the spring. If you need anything else horse related or not let me know.


  3. Hi Amanda, I rode there a few times when we first arrived here 3 years ago :) I had to stop when I got pregnant with my daughter. I've been riding off and on since I was a teenager and owned an aged TB for 3 years before we got orders overseas and I had to rehome him. We did a lot of casual riding and started dressage lessons for the last year I had him. I rode at our last base too, in the Azores, on Portuguese bred horses and it was there that I learned so much more about classical seat riding. I'm sure you'll find more instructors soon - horse people always seem to find the barns fast! My son rode a pony at the zoo and we were supposed to get together with Madie for more pony rides before she moved back stateside.

  4. there is a good deal of my old equipment at Mihara now. When we got here, since we came from a remote tour, it was an "all or nothing" situation with releasing our stuff that was in storage. So everything came - and we were in a 2 bedroom - so I got in touch with an instructor at Mihara and sold a good deal of stuff, and a few years later, decided to part with my saddle too :( I still have my personal riding gear and show clothes, but everything else relating to horse ownership is now at Mihara.

    1. While I'm sure you probably miss your saddle and other equipment it was great that you were able to let it go to Mihara. Everything here seems to wear a lot faster than it does in the states. Most of the saddles are in pretty sad shape and I wish I had the money to donate a heck of a lot more equipment.

      How sweet that you got stationed in the Azores and were able to ride some of the local horses! I really have no desire to be stationed anywhere else overseas but if it does happen I'm hoping the next place will offer a little more horse opportunities than here.