Monday, October 15, 2012

Aint Okinawa Fun!

... and unpredictable!

We are supposed to be getting two new horses on Friday. Both are three years old and have been very recently gelded as well as recently off the track (I believe... not 100% about the track part.) We've been told these horses are "very well trained." Hmmm, I guess we'll see about that. Either way I really do wish they were a little older and I'm hoping that they are closer to four than three. The younger they are the easier they break it seems. But still, I can't help but be excited. I've been told one is a gray and one is a bay. It will be a while before they can be put in the lesson program but I might be able to help with training which would be fun and hopefully we can get them started correctly.

However, to the unpredictable part, there is yet ANOTHER TYPHOON possibly on it's way to Okinawa that could disrupt the shipment. (These horses are being shipped via boat from the mainland.) Yes, that is right ANOTHER TYPHOON  (Typhoon Prapiroon) possibly hitting us by the end of the week. This typhoon is a little different, however in that no one is quite sure what direction it is going to take. From Kadena's facebook page:

  • The Joint Typhoon Warning Center is looking at an approach to Okinawa of 196 miles on Thursday morning, but the Japan Meteorological Agency is showing a track that would bring Prapiroon MUCH closer. However, this storm is acting like a 16-year-old trying to parallel park a Chevy Suburban. During a snow storm. At night. Wearing sunglasses. I wouldn't put a lot of faith in anyone's predictions until this storm starts moving again. And by then, if it's headed this way, we're not going to have much time. Yikes.

    I (still) don't know when or if we'll start moving up the TCCOR ladder. But the wind you hear outside right now is Prapiroon spinning up. I'm going out on a limb: set TCCOR Bouncy House! See you in the morning ... (at Dunkin Doughnuts!). Stormy

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  1. Oh new horses! exciting! except probably a lot of hard work haha. I hope they are a lot of fun though. And I hope the next typhoon doesn't cause as much damage as the last one!