Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gray Clouds and Silver Linings

All the horses came through the typhoon okay. I went and saw them on Monday. They all did seem a little extra sleepy but otherwise none the worse for wear.

We are now down three horses at the barn. Prince of course is still out. Big has been lame on and off for a while. He's getting a little older and I'm sure has some arthritis so he is going to have to slow down and be mainly a beginner lesson horse with light use only. And now Woods is lame. We're pretty sure it is just an abscess but he is not usable for at least a while. There is one other horse named Adam that is also not usable. He's only been there for about 5 months and he isn't suitable as a lesson horse yet and he has also had some on and off lameness issues. This means that we really only have two lesson horses Sky and Makoto and three lesson ponies Sly, Rocky and Mocha. This is making scheduling lessons quite challenging especially on the weekends. I am down to just two lessons on Saturday right now and I'm kind of glad of it because there just isn't enough horses to sustain the program right now. I have yet to even ride since I've been here and I feel guilty even thinking about it because I know how hard these horses are working right now.

On the plus side we are supposed to be getting two new horses at the end of this month. Unfortunately one of them is only going to be a three year and they are both going to be pretty much straight off the track. So in the short term it won't be a lot of help but hopefully in the long term things will get better.

And the best silver lining so far is this:

Prince made it out of his stall and to the grass field today for the first time since his accident! He is finally able to eat and we think (and hope and pray) that he has some limited sight in his right eye. We aren't sure and we are hoping it will get even better but it is still quite a lot to be excited about. It took quite an effort to get him out of his stall. He was shaking and terrified but once he got out to the field he calmed down quite a bit and actually started to graze. We'll take it!

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  1. ahhhhh yay!!! Glad Prince is making progress!

    Hey your riding services are prob needed with these two new horses! :)