Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's a Whirlwind

Lots lots lots going on over here. This is the first time I've ever had all three of my kids in school at the same time and gosh who knew how much stuff there would be to do such as baking for fund raisers, chaperoning for study trips (the new name for field trips I guess), and just getting all the kids to and from. It's great, though, my life is nicely busy and time is buzzing right on by. (I'm also trying to get a run or some jump rope in as often as possible.)

Yama, the Japanese instructor and the rest of the MHC instructors at the show last weekend.
This isn't even counting the barn stuff, of course. Right now I'm still only teaching about 8-10 lessons a week but I expect that number to double come November/December. I'm starting to find a rhythm to this teaching business and starting to really enjoy it for the most part.
Sky and one of my new students at the show.

I even got to ride for the first time yesterday!! I had an (almost) no show. My student was about 20 minutes late to her lesson because of some exercises at the base had traffic backed way up. So I took the opportunity to get little Mocha man out. I don't feel bad riding him because of all the horses at the barn he gets ridden the very least. He's small but very challenging so most kids can't ride him and of the adults who have the ability to ride him a lot of them are too big. It was nice to get back in the saddle even for just twenty minutes. We did about ten minutes of warm-up and then just popped over a couple of fences I set up. It was nice to know that Mocha really can still move faster than what I like to call the Mocha-shuffle. And he can still get his cute little knees up just fine, too. He's really a fun pony for an advanced rider. After watching some of my students really struggle to get him going it was nice to get on and remind him and me that yes he really can move forward!

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. Our two new horses are due in the port. I guess I am going to be there. It will be very interesting to witness and hopefully the interesting won't be in a bad way! Yama told me that the horses' names are Dai'o (pronounced Die-Oh) and Tsubasa (rhymes with Mufasa). I'm sure I'm not spelling those names correctly but I didn't get a chance to write them down at the barn and am just going off of memory. I was told Dai'o means great king and Tsubasa has something to do with wings. I have a feeling there was something lost in translation with that one.

So hopefully the next time you hear from me our new horses will be safely tucked in at the farm and I'll have some pictures to share. 


  1. Very cool! :) Tsubasa means wing and you spelled it correctly! :) Daioh does mean Great King.

  2. Cool! thanks for the tip on the names!

  3. You do sound busy!! Although it sounds like the good kind of busy :)