Sunday, October 28, 2012

Time Out

I just uploaded a bunch of photos that had been sitting on my i-phone for who knows how long. I forgot these were on them. Boy oh boy do I miss this face!

I took these right around the last day I left Ohio. I happened to glance in Loki's stall as I was about to leave and found him sleeping. I wish I could have picked out the stall before I took the pictures but I didn't want to wake him up.  He's so cute when he's sleeping!

I couldn't resist going in and sitting with him for a while.


  1. ahhhhhh so cute!

    how are the new horses doing?

    1. Thanks! They seem to be doing okay. They've already picked up a little bit of weight.

  2. Cute! I never get to see my horse napping and the one time I did get to sit with him while he was lying down he was colicing.

  3. Thanks! It was a little easier than normal to catch him napping because he was on night turn out for the summer and his little brother, Monte, was his pasture mate and I'm pretty sure Monte kept him up playing quite a bit.