Friday, November 30, 2012


Soooooo we got another new horse. A chestnut named Harris Cascade. I didn't go to the docks to see him get here this time. Mostly my schedule wouldn't allow it and to be honest it is a little harder to get excited about it just yet after what happened with Tsubasa and Diamond. This picture is from our facebook page. He does look to have a kind eye from what I can see. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I will be at the barn to meet him. Supposedly we are going to be able to start riding him right away so I guess it is a good thing my saddle made it here safely.

Cascade is from the same owner as Diamond and Tsubasa. From what I understand the barn owner felt that Diamond and Tsubasa had been misrepresented since he wasn't told that they were cribbers and Diamond was also a little bit of a weaver. So the original owner took Daimond and Tsubasa back and promised to send two "better" horses. I guess we will get a second horse sometime at the start of the new year. I wish we could have kept Tsubasa but hopefully these two new horses will work out. We really really need some new lesson horses at the barn.