Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Many Speeds of Time

Have you ever been in a place where time seems to simultaneously creep and whiz by?

That is where I am right now. On the one hand OMG! We're halfway through November!! But, on the other hand OMG I've only been here for approximately 2 1/2 months!! It feels like I've been here for-EV-er!

I'm not writing much right now b/c there just isn't much horsey stuff to write about. I've started a couple of new students over the past couple of weeks and I plan to have a few more starting soon. My saddle is supposed to get here (hopefully--keeping fingers crossed) on Wednesday. I know that I will enjoy riding quite a bit more in my own saddle. None of the saddles are great fits for the horses so I figure my saddle won't be any worse and my saddle does at least have an adjustable tree.

I plan on getting some new pictures of Diamond and Tsubasa soon. They are both looking much better. We still haven't gotten any of their paper work (that I've heard) so still no riding. This is a good thing. The more time we can give them the better since they are still so young. 

I am very thankful to have so many blogs to read every morning. I do get jealous from time to time when I read about all the different riding and training happening on the other side of the world but I'd rather hear about it than not.

Hopefully I'll have more interesting (in a good way) things to write about soon.