Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Are Not Alone

 On our way to the docks (to pick up Diamond and Tsubasa) the Japanese instructor, Yama, drove us by two other stables on the island.

I was amazed!

#1 I had been led to believe that there weren't too many other stables on the island and of the ones around they were private.

#2 Do you see the hay in the above picture?!?!! I have definitely been under the impression that there is no hay on the island. I do know that the hay we feed at our barn is shipped in from Australia but it is very different from the hay I saw at the above farm. These horses (and goat!) had free access to hay. I'll just be honest and say that the English Instructors were a little green with envy!

#3 The other thing I found notable was that the two farms we visited both seemed to have quite a bit of turnout. And the horses all seemed happy and approachable.

 And of course let's not forget the view! It was a gorgeous day and this farm really seemed surreal to me.

This is from the second farm we visited. Their hay looked more like what we feed but the horses seemed to have plenty. Oh and another thing that sort of blew my mind was that some of their horses were wearing shoes, say what?! I seriously didn't even think that was possible on this island!

This is also from the second farm. Can you say turnout with a view?

Well, back at our farm things are going pretty well. Diamond and Tsubasa are both gaining weight pretty quickly. Tsubasa is still a total sweet heart! If I had throw away money I would find a way to take him home with me! Diamond is a little more skittish and we think maybe younger? We are still waiting on their papers for exact information.

Lessons are going pretty well, also. Actually I'm really enjoying teaching a lot more than I thought I would. I still feel a little inadequate at times but mostly I think I am doing a good job. It's amazing to realize how much you know without really knowing you know it until you start trying to regurgitate it for someone else. (You can quote me on that, lol.)

And as for riding without stirrups I'm still at it. I'll be honest if I had been riding any other horse but Mocha on Monday I would have eaten dirt at least once. I was doing pretty good until I hit pretty much total muscle failure and then in the downward transition from canter to trot I really had to grab some mane to steady myself. But I lasted about 20 minutes without stirrups including walk, lots of posting trot, canter and jumping. I even put one jump up a whole from last week.

So in all a pretty good couple of weeks. Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas and I'll be down to just 6 more months!


  1. Wow those are some awesome views!! :)

    Glad the new horses are doing well- will you get to ride them when it's time?

    1. I am hopeful I'll get to ride the new horses at some point when they are ready. My saddle should hopefully be here next week. (The saddles we have at the barn are awful.)

  2. I always wondered how they rode in Japan as well. Although I was amazed how many horses were in Hawai'i and Alaska when I visited. So, just goes to show that they're everywhere! It's cool to see how different the farms look from the ones here in Tennessee though :)