Monday, December 31, 2012

The New Year

I'm really having a hard time saying or writing Happy New Year which is why that isn't the title of this post. Maybe I'm a little crazy but I'm still having a really hard time with Sassy's death and I don't want to associate it with the new year because I'm truly hoping 2013 will be a better year than 2012. Not that 2012 was all bad, after all, this is the year that Loki came into my life! But still, I will be mostly happy to get this year behind me. 2013 means the return to the states without the thought of having to return here looming over my head like last summer.
One of my first rides on Loki. Not the most flattering picture of either of us. He has that weird bridle thing on and I look like a midget but it was love at first ride! (I think my tiny saddle makes his back look much longer than it really is!)

My husband and I have never really been that big on celebrating the New Year. We've just never been that much into the party scene and now that we have three kids a late night for us usually ends somewhere around 10 or 11 pm. As I glance at my clock I realize we have a half hour until it is the new year over here in Okinawa. (Wow, I am up late!) And I'm sitting on my bed writing on this blog, hmmmm, I guess that makes me really lame. Oh well.

I'm also not really that much into resolutions. My goals for 2013 mostly consist of getting to June and the states and then riding every single day that I can. I'd like to improve my riding ability every time I'm on my horse. I want to be a better horsewoman tomorrow than I am today and improve every day after that. But as far as specific goals... I just don't really have any right now. I think I'm sort of operating on survival mode over here. And riding wise I don't even know what I will need to work on by the time I get back to the states b/c there is no such thing as being able to ride consistently over here.

But as a New Years Eve gift I did get an email that the barn is back open to Americans. LOL! I thought we had barn drama in the states! I guess it isn't really that funny but since it is something I have absolutely no control over I don't know what else to do but shrug at the absurdity of it. So it's back to work for me. I've decided to keep working as I really need something to do or I'm going to go completely stir crazy over here. And I really do enjoy my clients and the other instructors. I'm just going to have to be a little thick skinned about some of the other things.
Riding privileges have been returned!

It is positive, though, to have the barn back open in time for the New Years. I'll take it as a good sign anyways. We have our annual New Years beach ride on Wednesday. I've never been to one and I've heard it is more stress than fun for the instructors but we shall see.

I do hope that you all have a wonderful New Year, though!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, that's terrible :( She was a gorgeous, gorgeous dog. I lost my dog last year and I looked at him across the yard, thought he looked really peaceful, went to the barn and lingered longer than I meant to because it was so nice out, then got the call that he was dead. If I had just come home when I planned I would've been able to say goodbye. That felt hard enough, so I'm sure its terrible what you're feeling. But you gave her a great life and I'm sure she appreciates it.

    I haven't had internet access in like two weeks, so I'm kind of reading all your blogs and commenting here... lol.

    But it looks like you got a good Christmas! I have the Elements of Dressage book. I've only read the first chapter, I need to read the rest. It was pretty good.

    I got a Henri De Rivel 5 point breast plate from Dover. It doesn't have any fleece on the middle part, but its only 99$ and really, the quality is really nice and it fits really well. For my budget, its way nicer than I was expecting. Honestly I think its just as nice as some of the much more expensive ones, except for lacking the fleece in the breast part. But its padded so I think it does a good job still.

  2. I was contemplating the Henri De Rivel breast plate so it's good to know you like it. I'm at that point where I don't technically "need" anything but I still have lots of stuff on my want list. My issue is trying to figure out how to prioritize everything. Is a new breastplate more important than some new schooling saddle pads, etc. Obviously nothing to complain about in that regard!

    I'm curious too what kind of bit have you been using on Wiz? I'm thinking about trying a Myler on Loki when I get home. He apparently chewed through his Happy Mouth.

    Merry Christmas and have an awesome 2013!

  3. 2013 woo hoo back to the states for you! You can do it girl.. almost there!

    1. Yes! 5 months to go! It sounds like forever but I know I will make it. Thanks for the cheering! :D