Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guest Post

I was contacted a little while ago by Emily Walsh who is the Community Outreach Director for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance (try saying that five times fast!). She asked me if she would be able to write a guest post for my blog as Mesothelioma is a cancer that has affected many veterans. I agreed and now seems to be the perfect time to share what Emily wrote. Emily's post is directed towards veterans specifically but her advice is good for all of us. Cancer can strike anyone at anytime but maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with annual check-ups is our first line of defense.

From Emily:

Encourage Veterans to Stay Healthy

Veterans mean so much to this country.  Since the beginning of this nation, our veterans have sacrificed more than most civilians will ever be able to understand.  As a result of these sacrifices, this nation makes sure that the veterans are celebrated and honored for everything that they have done.  Unfortunately, people forget to tell the veterans that they should be taking the necessary steps to stay healthy.  In order for veterans to stay healthy when they return from service, they should eat healthy, exercise daily, and get regular physical examinations.

A Healthy Diet
When veterans return from service, they should make sure that they eat a healthy diet. Although it is okay to eat greasy foods in moderation, the veterans should be sure that most of the foods that they eat are healthy foods.  Healthy foods will include lean meats, fish, poultry, and colorful fruits and vegetables.  In order for veterans to find foods or a diet that is right for them, they should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs. The DVA has many resources and personnel to help the veterans to choose a healthy diet. 

Exercise Daily
Exercising will help the veterans in so many different ways.  Exercising will help them to stay healthy physically, and it will help them to reduce their mental stress.  Since veterans have gone through a lot of negative experiences during their service time, they will have the potential to have a lot of stress.  By exercising, the stress will be reduced; therefore, they will be able to live with less stress and anxiety.  

Regular Physical Examinations
When veterans are completing their service duties, they will be exposed to a lot of different chemicals.  These chemicals can come from different buildings, the air, or even in the water that they had to drink.  Therefore, when veterans return home, they should get a physical examination to make sure that their bodies are not ill from these chemicals.  Some of these chemicals can cause mesothelioma and the veterans will not know that they have this disease until they get a physical examination.  The physical examination should occur annually because some of the diseases may take years to develop.

Veterans have always made sure our country was safe; therefore, when they return home, we should encourage them to eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, and get regular physical examinations.

Also, I (Amanda) wanted to add check out WWEP. It is another great resource for veterans and for horses as well.

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