Thursday, January 31, 2013

LIfe's a Beach!

Literally sometimes...

If only life were as picture perfect as these pictures seem to be.

Two Saturdays ago we got unusually beautiful (for this time of year) weather. One of my lessons was a no show so we (some of the volunteers and another instructor) saddled up some horses and headed to the beach. It was very nice out and Makoto was quite content to just stand in the water. We did do some trotting, though:

It is looking to be another very nice day tomorrow as well. I gotta remember to bring the sunscreen with me.

One of my students had a pretty bad fall on Tuesday night. Her horse spooked and then ran off on her (ex-racer) and instead of relaxing she got a death grip on the reins and they did two and a half laps of the arena before she finally lost her balance and fell. Luckily her losing her balance also slowed the horse down quite a bit so while she is quite bruised up she is none the worse for wear (as the saying goes). It was a pretty scary moment and I've been beating myself up on what I should've/could've done differently to prevent the situation. Accidents do happen but our goal should always be to put safety first. I have felt out of depth with this student for a while b/c while she is actually a very nice rider she is very timid and fearful with little self-confidence. It was that very thing which most likely got the horse going in the first place, feeding off of her nerves. I think I've decided to pass this particular lesson to another instructor with more experience with younger kids than I have. I feel really badly about it but I think it is the wisest thing for everyone.

Other than that life pretty much continues moving forward at it's snail's pace. We are finally at February 1st. 4 months and counting.


  1. Here's a tip for runaways: I was at a clinic with a Canadian guy and Juno spooked and bolted in the indoor arena. I remember him yelling, "Sit back, sit back!" at me as she was bolting. The last thing you want to do I sit forward, which tells the horse to go faster, especially an OTTB.

    Also, as soon as I had Juno back in control, he told me to continue cantering. If I'd stopped, that would have been a reward to Juno for bolting. In your case, the rider was on the ground, but she should have gotten back on and ridden some more, if she was not too hurt. IMHO, but the clinician was of the same mind.

  2. It turns out she did break her finger. Normally I would agree about getting back on the horse but in this case with that particular combination it would have been much too dangerous. I did get on him right afterwards and worked him, though and another instructor got on him right after I did.

  3. wow the beach pictures are gorgeous!!