Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Starting the New Year Off with a Sunburn

Take your time. Relaxation is not fatigue or slackness. It starts in the horse's mind with trust and confidence. -Kurd Albrecht von Ziegner

As promised I have pictures from our annual New Years ride to the beach. It was very sunny that day and it caught me by surprise. Normally I am pretty conscientious about wearing sunscreen but I got quite burnt that day.

Apparently in the past the New Years beach ride has been something of a headache for the instructors but this year everything went pretty smoothly. (Only one rider came off while we were at the beach. It was Mocha's rider so I'm not surprised. He can be such a pony sometimes!) We rode about an hour through some neighborhoods to a very nice beach. We hung out at the beach for about an hour, fed the horses and then walked back home. There were more riders than horses so about halfway to and from the beach we stopped to switch riders.

We had a pretty nice time. The barn owner also made sure to let us know that the start of a New Year is the time to forget the past and move forward. I think this was his way of saying we shouldn't have to worry about the Prince issue anymore. He is still hoping for some compensation from the military but it shouldn't affect us at this point.

Speaking of Prince, things are looking up for him. Apparently there are several Japanese riders who have been pleading on Prince's behalf. They have asked the owner to try and save him so for now Prince has a reprieve. He is looking much better lately, too. He has put on some weight and there is a Japanese lady who takes him out of his stall (I can't say everyday b/c I'm no there everyday but everyday that I am there she has done this) and hand grazes him as well as gets him trotting some. We are now hoping that with some more improvement he may be safe for just pony rides.

Here's hoping the New Year will be an improvement for all of the horses at the barn!

On the way to the beach!

Switching riders half-way

We had quite the procession. It was like a parade.

Trying to get all the horses together for a group picture (Didn't work so well)

Me and a couple of my students with Adam, Makoto and Rocky

One of my students with Woods. She loves him!

Pony ride on the beach


  1. How fun! I am not so sure how Henry would react to walking on sidewalks lol!

  2. Oh, I'm so pleased about Prince. Apparently, some Japanese see horses as more than machines. The American who wanted him is out of the picture now? I'm glad those Japanese have stepped up to the plate for him. What happened to him was not his fault, and I hope kinder humans can fill in for the moron that caused his injury. Of course, he will never get his sight back again, but maybe his life will get better if he has advocates. Pony rides or therapeutic rides would be things he could do. Have you mentioned therapy rides to the Japanese? Do they do therapeutic riding in Japan?

    1. Prince will not be able to go to the states so no Americans will be able to buy him. There is a therapeutic riding stable on the island but we would have to prove Prince is safe before they would consider taking him. We have talked about the idea, though, and it is there on the back burner. For now Prince seems safe and nothing happens too fast around here so we'll see.