Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Fountain Of Youth

A good seat is a lifelong investment. It is a possession that cannot be lost. -Kurd Albrecht von Ziegner
I have discovered the fountain of youth. It is here in Okinawa. There is a reason people here are among the longest lived in the world. It is because time simply moves so slowly that I'm pretty sure it is literally standing still for long periods. Seriously, I know some of you are like wow, it's mid-January already! Over here it has been January for so long it feels like it should be March by now at least if not April. Weekends are the hardest. This whole day feels like it has lasted as long as a week.

My determination and mood have been ping-ponging about so much I'm about to have whip-lash. I seriously am not sure how I'm going to make it for 5 more months.

I did watch the 2013 Nespresso Battle of the Sexes on the USEF Network today. I was pleasantly surprised by a good internet connection. Horse Junkies United had an online chat session while it was playing and it was a lot of fun. Now that I know I might be able to watch some of the USEF videos I am going to try and go back and watch some of the George Morris Training sessions. Yay something to look forward to!

My sister did send me some photos of Loki-man yesterday. He is super skinny again and we are looking into what else we can do to help him gain some weight. The major culprit right now seems to be the poor hay quality (along with the severely oscillating temperatures). I know we aren't the only ones feeling the painful effects of the drought last summer. Loki will be getting some additional alfalfa pellets and/or beet pulp in his grain and I think I might add something to prevent/treat ulcers as well. Mindee did say that he looked healthy otherwise and was very sweet as usual.
Pre-groomed. Mud, mud and more mud! (But, dang what a sweet eye!)
Even dirty and skinny I sure miss that face. I am so in need of some equine therapy right now!!!


  1. I feel your pain trying to keep weight on a TB during the winter. hugs!

  2. I'm sure the winter is taking a toll on Loki. He's getting more hay, right? HORSE JOURNAL says add two more lbs of hay per any ten degree dip in the temp below 40°. Even if it is poor quality hay, it's still hay. The alfalfa is a good idea, too. My mares get a quarter of their daily hay allowance in alfalfa, as per my vet, who says that alfalfa is good for the horse's digestive tract. Today's alfalfa is much better than alfalfa years ago, which made horses hot. Have Mindee ask the vet for a feed that adds calories for Loki. My Havannah is getting 2 lbs of LMF Showtime to give her enough calories to maintain her weight during the winter. I doubt Mindee has any LMF feeds there, since they are for the West coast-grown hays.

    As for slowness in Okinawa, research has shown that the reason why Okinawa residents are long lived it bc they have stress-free lives, due to their taking their time.

    1. Loki is not at my sister's unfortunately (I'm pretty sure her horses are pretty much getting free choice grass hay). I don't know that Loki is getting much extra hay because everybody is afraid if we go through it too quickly there might not be anything to buy afterwards. That's why he is going to get the alfalfa pellets. Not ideal but we just need to get through this winter. Next winter, when I am there personally it will be different.

  3. I'm sure you can find a feed that is higher calories per lb than alfalfa pellets. If the alfalfa pellets don't do the trick, have someone state-side call the vet and ask. The feed Havannah is getting is not alfalfa based, and just two lbs a day is all she needs. I suspect that Loki needs much more alfalfa pellets than two lbs, but the roughage would keep him busy. But, would you run out of the pellets? Since hay is in short supply, maybe another feed, not hay based, would be better.

  4. What about giving him a Sr feed to help put weight on? That is what I did with Henry when he first came.. didn't make him crazy but has all of the extra goodies in it.

    Love his sweet face! Bet he can't wait for mama to come home!!

  5. Thanks guys for all the support and suggestions. We're going to give Loki a couple of weeks on the new feeding program and see how that works. Luckily we only have a couple more months until spring. I have a feeling he is always going to be a tough keeper but it will be easier next year b/c I will be there to catch things early and I can put him on my own feeding program if it is needed. Sometimes I feel quite helpless and out of the loop over here.

    Karley, he does have the sweetest face doesn't he? aside from Henry of course! ;)