Monday, January 28, 2013

The Right Horse

The biggest thing, I think, when you're trying out a horse is it's got to be love at first sight. ~Boyd Martin
Silly, kissy-face photo. Sometimes I think our ponies must think we are all a little nuts!
 I love reading the Eventing Nation blog. It keeps me up to date on all the Eventing news going on around the globe and helps me feel at least a little connected to the Eventing world at large. One of my favorite writers for Eventing Nation is Samantha Clark. She has her own page on the EN site. Recently she did a pretty in-depth write-up from the MSEDA General meeting where Boyd Martin was a key speaker. The write-up itself was very interesting to read and I can only imagine being there in person would have been thrilling!

One of the most exciting (to me) things that Boyd talked about was how he chooses the horses he buys.
The biggest thing, I think, when you’re trying out a horse is it’s got to be love at first sight. If you’re riding it around and trying to convince yourself that it’s the right one then it’s not the right one. Every horse that’s worked out well for me I knew it within two minutes, and every horse that didn’t work out was one of those ones that other people were convincing me it was a good horse.
These words just make me feel so warm and happy inside! I still remember the first time I rode Loki and how it felt like the saddle just wrapped around me and I really just sank into him. It was probably the closest experiece to "love at first sight" I've ever had.

At the time my trainer really had Loki's half-brother, Monte in mind for me. I started out riding him and I liked him alright enough but after riding Loki I just knew with which horse I was going to be happiest. And it is just kind of cool to hear an Olympic-level rider basically saying the same thing... which is go with the horse you enjoy.

I really wish I had had this advice back when I bought my last horse. It would have saved me so, so much trouble!

Another one of my favorite quotes is this:
Better to want the horse you don't have than to have the horse you don't want. ~ Rick Meyer


  1. I'm extremely lucky, I guess, bc all of my mares felt "right" to me when I bought them. Even my donkeys felt right. Havannah is the most problematic of the three mares, but I've never thought, "I want to get rid of this mare." I just wanted to help her get better. I think I felt the most affection for Athene the first time I saw her, when she walked off the shipping van, but I never had any doubt that all of them were the right horses for me.

    1. I will say that if I'd had my own land/barn I probably would have kept Bugs and tried to figure out something he could enjoy even if it just ended up being horse agility or something but it is harder when you can't comfortably afford to board two horses.

      You're horses are super lucky to have you!

  2. I actually was lucky enough to do a clinic with boyd martin last spring! He is a really knowledgeable guy, but more than that, I loved his attitude. That's a great quote by him!

    That picture of you and Loki is gorgeous. :) He is such a big beautiful boy! I guess I'm an anomaly then because when I first saw Wiz he was this scrawny 2 year old who was a PAIN IN THE REAR (because he was a little too sweet, but he wouldn't get out of the way ever) but when I started working with him I instantly fell in love with him because of his sweet attitude, but also his quirky nature and curiosity. He had enough spunk to keep things interesting :)

    And I'll keep a look out for Loki at May Daze! Maybe I'll even be competing against him :) Wish you were there... but soon enough! At least he'll have a good start when you get back.

    1. Well, I'm glad he is coming along and turning into the right horse for you now!

      I'm so jealous you got to do a clinic with Boyd Martin! He just seems like he would be a very laid-back, easy person to learn from. I do much better with that kind of instructor than the super-intense ones.

      If all goes according to plan I might get to take Loki back to the horse park for Champagne Run. I just have to keep reminding myself that it will get here someday!

    2. I lieeed I'm a terrible person. I was just not thinking; I did a clinic with Buck Davidson ha. But my stable mates are always talking about Boyd Martin and met him at Rolex. Boyd / Buck, you know... But yes, that'd be AWESOME. One day!

      You should definitely go to Champagne Run!

    3. Haha, I've heard really good things about Buck Davidson as well. I would be more than happy to clinic with either of them.

      I really hope I'm able to do Champagne Run. I love riding at the KHP!

  3. I hope Champagne Run works out for you- I looove KHP as well! Such a great place. I might have to do my first show here at river glen instead because its cheaper... I don't know if I'll get to go to KHP this year :(

    And I know its hard having that itch to ride your own boy and not being able to- but hang in there. Soon you guys will be working hard and being amazing :)